Accounting and Consulting

Premium accoutning , business services and project management with excellence and value for money

  • Taxation:
    Works best with a professional partner
  • Business:
    Meant to thrive , and can will a little help
  • Appraisals :
    We all need to make informed decissions
  • Clients:
    Our reason for excellence and persitence

We are built on years of experience working with our clients to start and thrive , whether business or non profit, determined to provide excelent services at value .

NileCPA is a premium accounting , business services and project managment company dedicated to covering business and or ganisational needs from accouting , taxation , payroll, audit , software installtion and training , forensics and non profit complience. We are not only professional , but also experienced in business management , tax planning and staffing.

We believe in building a partnership for posterity.

Our services

Experience has built our scope of services to include most of teh basic requirements for any business or non profit from inception to thriving , and yet we have also developed custom solutions that catter for the unique needs of every client.

Accounting and Audit

Financial statements, reporting and analysis, Data Entry , transaction processing and manangement .

Tax Services

Tax planning , preparation , reporting , filing and analysys for individuals and corporations.


Planning , processing , reporting and management .

Spacialized Services

Consulting , forensics , due deligence , non-profit planing , manament and compliance.

Creating a copndusive environment for business and non profit sucess

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Conviniently located a few minutes from LAX , CBD and yet quiet Granada hills.

17727 1/2 Chatsworth St Ste 250,
Grenada Hills,
CA 91344

P: +818 602 6123

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