To ensure the right kind of business formation, we first discuss with our clients about their business, ownership, etc. and explain advantages and drawbacks of each type of business. Thereafter, along with our clients, we decide the type of business to form. We help our clients to decide the best business type from various perspectives including but not limited to the taxation and accounting perspective.

To ensure the right kind of business formation, we understand all the client requirements including:

  • Background of each business owner and their capital investment. Also, if the business or owners are considering any debt to begin with.
  • All kinds of accounting and record keeping requirements required for specific business types
  • For business and business owners, we discuss various kinds of federal as well as state applicable taxes such as sales tax, self-employment tax, payroll tax, income tax, business owners personal property tax and any other relevant taxes

Above mentioned points are just a few critical points. In addition, there is plethora of things to discuss before making the right decision.

Based on the discussion, we help in business formation for any kind of business type mentioned below:

  • Sole Proprietorship – For single business owner. Owner and business are one and the same.
  • Partnership – For multiple business owners.
  • LLC – Highly flexible from taxation point of view. It separates individuals from the business and treats them as two different entities.
  • C Corporation – Separates individuals from the business. Stocks are issued to the stockholders of the company.
  • S Corporation – It is a tax election after forming any other entity type

We help clients with all kinds of paperwork required for any kind of business formation.