This may result in these individuals either paying extra taxes than required or not paying all the necessary taxes and may have to pay the missed taxes in the future along with the interest on the missed dollar amount. In both the situations, the individual tax payer is at a loss.

At NileCPA, we appreciate the desire and zeal of such individuals who wish to file their tax returns by themselves. Hence, to ensure that such individuals file correct tax returns, we provide them customized services to review their tax return by our professional team, which has years of experience and is aware of the updated tax laws – federal, state as well as local laws. Our professional team shall ensure that you avail all the tax breaks you are entitled for, fill in the correct information, fill the right forms and don’t miss out on paying any taxes that may bring any future tax liability. Moreover, for the individuals that hire us for their tax return review, we help them and represent them during IRS audits as well, if they are selected for an audit by IRS.

For individuals that get their tax returns prepared by another CPA or tax expert team, they can also reach out to us to get second opinion and review tax return. We are more than happy to help.

During our tax review, if there are some minor changes required then we do those changes without any fee hike. However, if we come across something major that may require our considerable time then we might charge additional fees for it. Whatever it is, we let our individual clients know about it well in advance.

If you want to get your personal/ individual tax return reviewed by NileCPA’s expert tax professional team, do reach out to us.

Business Tax-Return Review

This may be fantastic if the business has an in-house tax expert team; however, most of the small businesses don’t.

Other Services

We are experts not only on IRS audits, bu