We are experts not only on IRS audits, but also in various state and federal government agencies tax audits. We understand that for any individual or a business, receiving IRS notice can be very unnerving. The best way to have a good nights’ sleep is to reach out to NileCPA for your representation. You shall still have to face the IRS; but knowing that you have the expertise, experience and specialization of NileCPA by your side will provide you the much required peace of mind.

With our wide experience, we understand tax laws and tax audit requirements like a very few agencies do across the US. We ensure that to best represent your case, we share the correct, complete and well organized information. Over the years we have learnt that what is shared with the IRS is important; however, equally important is to know what not to share. Information should be provided only as much asked for and required. Information should neither be concealed nor over-shared. This is where our long experience and expertise comes to play.

There are primarily two kinds of audits that the IRS conducts. The first is correspondence audit (via mail), while the other is field audit (via face-to-face meetings). As anyone can guess with the slightest logic, correspondence audit is a majorly conducted audit process (about three-fourths or 75 percent of total audits) due to the cost factor, convenience and limited resources usage. Field audit is conducted about one-fourths or 25 percent of total audits. NileCPA works closely with its clients in both the cases. We help our clients respond in detail and with completeness to the email queries; we also represent our clients in face-to-face audit meetings with the IRS (Power of Attorney).

Over the years, we have provided some great representations and wonderful results to our clients. Hence, today NileCPA is a trusted name in IRS representation across the US.