Shall I choose S Corporation or C Corporation?” Not many of them are aware that you cannot form S Corporation; you can only form C Corporation. S Corporation is just a tax election i.e. you can only elect whether you want your organization to be taxed as a C Corporation or as an S Corporation. You need to have your organization structure and other compliances as per your tax election.

What is the primary difference between S Corporation and C Corporation?

S Corporation – The profits are not taxed at the organization level. Rather, taxes are transferred to individual shareholders of the corporation. Hence, there is only single taxation for organization earnings.

C Corporation – It is a traditional corporation where not only the organization profits are taxed, but the dividends to shareholders are also taxed. Hence, there is double taxation under C Corporation.

Why are all the corporations not S Corporations then?

There are certain restrictions that corporations have to follow to be considered for S Corporation. A few important ones are as mentioned below:

The shareholders must be primarily individuals that are the US citizens and green card holders. There can be a maximum of 100 shareholders in an S Corporation.

If shareholders have varied financial interests then that corporation can no longer be S Corporation. Eg: unequal rights to profit share, issue of preferred stocks, shareholding by venture capital, etc.

Those organizations that are not working as per the limits mentioned above, cannot be considered for S Corporation.

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