We want your business to be successful, as badly as you want it to be. Hence, we take various initiatives for our clients (such as yourself) to help you reach your goals. Our one such initiative is Periodic Business Review (PBR), where we conduct regular meetings with clients to discuss their businesses.

In this meeting, our first and foremost priority is to ensure that we listen to you and offer you the solutions, wherever required. Yes, that’s right. In this meeting, the first thing is that you ask your doubts, queries, put forward the issues you face in your business, seek guidance and speak whatever is on your mind. We listen to you, engage in a conversation with you, provide guidance and offer the relevant solutions. Perhaps not all the issues can be solved instantly; some of them may require long term planning and work. We discuss such issues as well, set the right expectations and take it forward as a separate engagement, if required. Hence, we say that a Periodic Business Review meeting is our clients’ meeting, where you set the agenda and not us.

NileCPA is not just an accounting firm, but also a business consulting firm. Hence, our focus is not only on regulatory compliance or matching financial statements (like any other regular accountant), but our focus is also on various business perspectives to help you better. Due to the vast and diverse experience (across industries) of our team, we understand the general principles and perspectives of businesses very well. We are thus able to guide our clients to handle financial situations, operational issues, regulatory compliance, efficient taxation, profitability, value creation and much more.

Want to know more about our Periodic Business Review initiative? Feel free to contact us.