In the current financial year, we are fully committed to prepare the tax return extension completely from our end by 30th June, provided you have submitted everything to us (on time) that we require to do our job.

We would like you to remember two things:

1. Please note that we are talking about extension in tax return filing and not about tax bill payment. So, whatever tax liabilities you have, please do the bill payment on time to avoid any penalties or interests. In the current financial year, for Individual and C Corporation tax payment, the final date is 15th March, while for partnerships and S Corporation the final date is 15th April

2. Tax payment and tax return filing of any of your pass-thru entities, must reflect in your individual tax return as well. Please note that it is a compulsion, as per the tax laws. Hence, always remember to file tax returns first for your pass-through entity (be it a partnership, S Corporation, trust, estate or any other) and then file your individual tax return.

If you want us to pick up your tax return extension work, you are welcome! Do connect us for that. Also, at NileCPA, we are more than happy to answer your queries regarding tax return extension. You can contact us for any specific queries as well as to enhance your knowledge in general about tax return extension. We have an amazing staff that shall happily answer your queries, solve your doubts and help you to understand tax return extension in a better way. Of course, our staff would like to work with you for your tax return extension work as well.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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